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i just now learned that apparently a native american actress auditioned for tigerlily and was told that they weren’t looking for a native american actor for the role.






I will shit….yes

Shit on everyone

Context: Native representation in film hovers steady at 0%




"I’m sure the best actor for the part got the role"


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Notice how it says “having sex” and not “raping”. Source»

This again. Yes it says having sex= consent. She was only in trouble because he was underage. Boys can consent to sex at his age. That is why it is written “having sex” not rape. Rape is forced.

People refuse to acknowledge that statutory rape is not a two way street. It is something that applies to women, like menstruating or breast feeding. If we look at our species as animals (which we are…which is why we shouldn’t eat our fellow cousins) then we look at the natural behavior of men at any age and realize that they naturally want sex. Women are different, they crave sex at a later age. This is why “statutory” rape is a feminine term, not a masculine one.  

what the actual fuck is wrong with you two

I’m going to do this exactly once, because I’d still like to believe you’re not a troll. I will explain why you are so goddamn fucking wrong and offensive (and seriously I’m just baffled and horrified at this I don’t understand what your problem is)

Big #trigger warning for #rape and #child abuse

There’s no “two way street” about it. The reason rape culture is what it is can be identified by the fact that there is an inherent power dynamic between men and women in our society. Men have more social power than women do. However, an eight year old child is NOT a man. He is a LITTLE KID. Children do not have more social power than an adult. That is absolute fact. The power dynamic was uneven in favor of the woman in this situation. And she abused that power she had over the child. This woman is a rapist. And statutory rape is gender-neutral.

Furthermore, speaking of gender, let’s look at the awful cissexism in your comment. For someone who claims to be genderqueer, you sure have a lot of funny ideas of what men and women are “naturally” like, in a suspiciously binarist mindset. I shouldn’t have to tell you that not all women menstruate or even have breasts, never mind breastfeeding, and not all who do so are women. Your argument is nonsensical when you try to make the claim that any of this is “natural” behavior when human attitudes towards sexuality are largely socialized. 

And, all that said, FUCK YOU for trying to make the claim that males of any given age will uniformly “crave” sexual activity. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. A fucking CHILD, without the ability to consent, was taken advantage of, and you use this heinous crime as a way to soapbox about how he, what? Deserved it? Asked for it? What the hell is wrong with you? No eight-year-old that has not been socialized to do so will go seeking sexual activity with others. Of ANY gender. People in general do not go seeking sex until they are socialized to do so, hopefully after the onset of puberty and especially hopefully not until they’ve reached the age of consent and know they’re personally ready. NO CHILD CAN CONSENT TO SEX. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT THEIR GENDER IS. 

Oh, and how in the fuck does this relate to not eating animals? Is this all some weird vegetarian/vegan soapbox for you? Just because human beings are animals does not make the relation to other species familial. And I’m not going to enter into the discussion of the ethics of animal (product) consumption. That’s another issue which is, quite frankly, irrelevant. 

How can you possibly not have empathy for a child who was exploited and then side with the abuser? What the fuck is wrong with you? I don’t understand how a person can do that. Statutory rape is not a gendered phenomenon. And the fact that you would assert otherwise is horrible. 

Submitted by twlboaj with the added comment: I just fucking can’t with this person. I don’t know if they’re a troll or not, but in light of shit like this, that scale is being tipped. (The link is to my response, but if you’d rather just stick to their comment(s), I understand. Sorry if I’ve posted this wrong.)

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